I would NEVER use your personal information for evil.

I value my reputation as much as your privacy. I am very selective about 1st-time friends.

First Email/Text to me Tip:

I am a very passionate person and put 100% of myself into every date. For that reason, I trust my gut a lot. If you want to come off as nice the guy you probably are, I would suggest writing a very polite and genuine first email. You should include the basics such as:

Your first name, references if you have any, the day you’d like to meet, the time you’d like to meet, for how long you’d like to meet and some general information about yourself… Are you 7 feet tall? Just a polite first email to pave the way to a very intimate introduction

Option One

1. First Name

2. Hobby Cell #

3. Two Provider References (please include their email address or website)

4. Age

5. Ethnicity

Option Two

1. Send a photo of your Driver’s License

2. Send a “selfie” pic of yourself

3. Hobby Cell #

4. Age

5. Ethnicity

Option Three

Please email for option 3 for alternate, yet discreet forms of screening.

1. First Name

2. Age

3. Race

4. Telephone number (cannot be an app – has to have a provider)


The Benefit of Screening:

You can now use me as a reference!

The Fine Print:

If we have only met one time you – A reference for me is good for 6 months. I will not be giving references to gentlemen from any time longer than our last visit + 6months. Sorry guys, but if I haven’t seen you in over a year – I will not vouch for you.

You must be a gentleman during our time together for me to give you an approving reference.