I want our experience to be fun, exciting and STRESS-FREE!!!!

I ask that you respect me and follow MY PERSONAL etiquette when we meet.

Please leave the donation in an obvious place when you arrive such as on a table, tv stand, kitchen counter. Above all, I want there to be absolutely no distractions, concerns or worries while meeting with you. I do not prefer the donation to be left in the bathroom. 

Rates are NEVER negotiable!! If you try to negotiate my rate or ask for a discount or a “special” of any kind, then I will have to respectfully decline a meeting with you. I rarely offer less than an hours time because I do not want to feel rushed at all. I am a true GFE and rushing just isn’t part of that. If you are a busy gentleman and cannot stay the whole time I will not be offended. The donation applies to the time you booked.

Please arrive freshly showered or you are absolutely welcome to use my shower! I have all the things you will need to make sure those areas you want me to navigate towards are fresh and clean. Also, I am a kisser and fresh breath is an absolute must. I will not kiss you if you taste like smoke or have bad breath.

Please do NOT overstay your time! Although I am not a clock watcher, I ask that you be courteous and respect the time you booked and not make it awkward for me to tell you its time to go.

Please be on time for your appointment! I do understand that traffic can be crazy or that a business meeting ran a little too long, but I would appreciate your best effort to be on time as I am always on time for you.

For my safety and yours, please leave some things to the imagination when you email.